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After we select the right package for your business, we will send you an electronic contract for you to sign and a link to securely capture your credit card information and start your first months payment. 

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Its time to get started on your site, the same day we capture your signature/payment we get started on the back end of your website CMS. We send you an intake form to capture your company logo, favourite images, page structure and all the information we need for your website. We recommend you fill out the intake form within 24 hours to keep up with the development process.


After we receive your intake form we continue with design/development. It will be between 5-10 business days to design and deliver your website to you and make it live! We will make sure to send you a development link for you to double check it meets your business needs.


When we launch your site, we ensure the SEO is correct on each page to get a one up on your competition. We also submit your site to be indexed to google upon launch, and we allow for monthly analytic tracking which you will receive a monthly report of your most visited pages and how your site did each month.

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