On average we are able to create your business a brand new site within 5-10 business days after signing up and filling out our intake form. This assumes you are able to work with us and provide images, logos, copy, and any other content to us upfront. We are happy to provide details on when we need content so that we can save time and get your new site up and running right away.

Once you sign up with us we securely capture your credit card information and charge your first month’s payment. We then immediately start building your server and site that day. We make the process quick and smooth! We pride ourselves on having no hidden fees. Visit our pricing page for more details.

We offer a subscription service to help make sure we can actively keep your site up-to-date in order to future-proof your online presence while also giving you active support for any issues or changes you may need. You will always have a direct line to us if any issues arise.

For those interested, we offer a paid-in-full option which costs $7,200 CAD and is billed in full when you sign up. Our service is meant to have a monthly service model, but we understand some companies prefer the peace of mind of paying the entire project off at once.

We also offer custom solutions for those who want more customization, flexibility, and have more budget to work with. We are dedicated to finding our best option for you, but if we are not able to make it work we can point you in the right direction.

After signing up we immediately get started on setting up your site’s back end information while you receive and fill out our intake form. This form will help walk you through the content that we need in order to fill out your new site so that we can collect your logo, favorite images, text, etc, that appears on each page. We will use that information to build a clean, functional look and feel to help convert site visitors into possible customers. Then, on average, it takes between 5-10 business days until you get to see your new site tailored specifically for your business.

If you cancel prior to your agreement time we have a cancellation fee of 50% of your remaining balance and your site will be scheduled for deletion within two weeks. If you want to keep your site and move it to your own host our buyout fee is $1,800 CAD for us to package your site and database and give it to you to self manage. The buyout fee is on top of any cancellation fees if you did not complete your contract. 

Note: 24-month contracts receive the $1,800 CAD buyout fee for free and we help move you to a new platform for no additional charge, in the event you cancel after completing your contract.

We currently do not allow our sites to be hosted on a different platform. We work on some of the best servers that are optimized for our product.

We are always looking to grow and work with even more amazing clients. Contact us if you think you are a great fit to join our team!